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Old 17th September 2020
Here for the gear

Hi Jason,

I actually did have a structural engineer come out to see if I could raise the ceiling joists. He said the most I can raise them is 6ā€ (from 8ā€™ to 8ā€™ 6ā€). We discussed some of the room ideas and he didnā€™t have any concerns but if I went with option 3 I would probably confirm the details with him.

Do you mean fill the space between the exposed ceiling joists in the room with roxul? Would this make a dead sounding room without any reflective surfaces on the ceiling? Iā€™d like to have some natural reverb especially for room mics.

Iā€™m trying to build for isolation as well but not sure if there will be much difference in isolation between these 3 ceiling options.