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Use standard 5/8 firecode drywall, its tested and widely used. A double wall assembly with 2x layers drywall each side is capable of STC 63. Since stc ratings are foccused on vocal frequencies, Music studios are concerned with the TL of the assembly. Transmission loss.

Ive included a standard reference of wall assembly test data.

I would not use any type of spray on the ceiling. Standard r-value insulation is what's most commonly used, and a great performer.

You've got to measure or use test data to determine how loud thr studio will be, and cross reference that with your municipal sound ordinances. Then use an assembly that meets that requirement.

You may need to uninstall the insulation, and add more mass to the outer shell to meet your requirement.

If you do not own it, get rod gervias, build it like the pros, which adresses proper drywall installation, electric and hvac, as well as other necessary plans and details for a well isolated studio.
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