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it's originally a software designed for advanced repair, restoration and unmixing of sound.
Thanks for your r input; good to know it! I just started my trial month today. The first thing I've noticed, is that it "eats" pretty little amount of CPU's power; the visuals are great.

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It really is Photoshop for sound
Yeah, the tools are very PS-like indeed. But now I'm a bit confused about the workflow. I'm eventually going to use SL mainly as a spectral repairing tool within Nuendo, as ARA2 process. Now I'm realizing, that SL "replaces" the common Sample Editor I'm used to open by double clicking on Audio Event. When SL is activated for a particular Audio Event, the Sample Editor is automatically deactivated.

It got me to thinking I cannot do any "traditional" editing functions Nuendo's Sample Editor provides, be it cutting, redrawing of waveforms or stuff like that, while SpectraLayers is On.

Does it mean, that - regarding workflow - one first has to do all necessary manipulations using SL, then apply them (by Render in Place? or doing something similar to Flatten All Layers command we know from Photoshop?) and only after that, when SL is removed via command "Remove extension from selected events", there will be time to do "simple stuff" like cutting etc. using Sample Editor?

Do we have to put attention on any consecution / order of processes when SL is involved in the editing chain?

Thanks in advance!