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Originally Posted by orbita View Post
option 1) ... have the opportunity to install sound protection, possibly a floating floor/wall/ceiling etc ...

option 2) ... has a nice wood floor already that I wouldnt want to mess with. I could install soundproofing to my son's bedroom and use a sound deadening mat on the floor to reduce transfer downstairs or through the rafters ...

... primarily club music.
As you cannot find space on the ground floor, installing a floating floor, if indeed your structural engineer says the building can cope with the weight, will add significantly to the cost. Depending on where in the world you are (hint: add it to your profile) there may be other conditions you have to meet, eg. local noise codes, eathquake zone considerations, etc.

Putting down a sound deadening mat will not reduce the transfer of bass to downstairs. Your wife will hear you. You could set your music running upstairs and go downstairs to measure how many dB are audible, especially lower frequencies.

Isolation is going to be the tough one. Once that is done (ie. planned in detail) you can plan the acoustic treatment in the room which will be relatively easy.

And yes, you are right, usually a larger room is preferable to a smaller room. As we have no specific details a specific answer is not possible.