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Old 14th September 2020
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Are Bluetooth IEMs Usable?

I am soon to buy a better set of IEMs to replace my very cheap set which are tolerable but could be better. As I browse the internet I see a lot of sets of IEMs which are Bluetooth exclusively, or wire-optional with a Bluetooth kit. Suffice to say, I am skeptical.

A major reason for new IEMs is that I am primarily a singer, so latency is a big concern here. It would be wonderful to get wireless IEMs for my little home practise space, but I have serious concerns that anything that uses Bluetooth can be fast enough for me to feel comfortable singing with it.

Has anyone had experience with these kinds of IEM set-ups? I'm thinking specifically of one's like Shure's RMCE-BT2 kit. I see bundles of the wireless kit with their SE215 monitors (which are top of my list as my first proper IEMs) selling for about as much as the monitors alone, which makes them tempting, but I just can't see it working!

Does anyone know if these can deliver the sub-10ms latency I'd need to want to use them?