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Hi, I am a bit of a Stam fanboy. As you might see from my short history here on the site.

I own the recent SA4000, the SA76-ADF and a couple of SA67s

Why do I write a post here? I see Joshua receiving much s**t which makes me want to express my experience and gratitude publicly.

1. I always get adequate answers when I email him or the team.

This helped me alot when I had yet to receive any of my orders and were just waiting.
I consider myself worse than most when it comes to patience. I can be terrible with it and might have caused Joshua a headache or ten. But he always remained professional.

2. The gear looks, feels and sounds amazing. I could not be happier with what I have.

3. The price/quality ratio is better than anything that I am concious of in this marker.

I initially had a little trouble with noise with my two mics. Joshua quickly connected me with Teo and we managed to solve it quickly. In the end the issue did mot stem from the Stam products, but my house and setup electronics.

Let this be my little drop in the water intending to balance out the negativity. Besides this Stam certainlybhas some of the most reviewed and highly rated products on this site.

Thanks Josh and the team. I am thankful.