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Old 14th September 2020
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Which room should I use?

Hi, I currently have my studio setup in a room that is above our bedrooms and next to the neighbours so my wife freaks out if I have the speakers on in the evening.

I make Techno and Drum and bass so there is usually a kick drum and a heavy bass. Because of this I work with headphones a lot but find it hard to mix or hear if the vibe is right.

There are 2 other rooms I could try to use that are on the side away from the neighbours (we're in a 1930's semi), I'm trying to work out which room I should use.

option 1) A smaller room, also in the loft but not above bedrooms or beside the neighbours. It is 9M2 @ 4m x 2.25m ( 13' x 7'4") with 2.3m ceiling. This room is completely unfinished so I would have the opportunity to install sound protection, possibly a floating floor/wall/ceiling etc and any acoustic material I wanted.

option 2) A bedroom on the first floor, again away from the neighbours but adjoining my 7 year old's bedroom. It is a bit bigger 12M2 @ 4.4 x 3.2 at the widest, narrowing to 2.9 - with a higher ceiling ~ 2.5m and it has a bit of an alcove in it. This room has a nice wood floor already that I wouldnt want to mess with. I could install soundproofing to my son's bedroom and use a sound deadening mat on the floor to reduce transfer downstairs or through the rafters. I could also add acoustic panels/traps to this room.

In both rooms, I could have the speakers firing down the length but I it would mean having my back to the door which I never like so I'd prefer to have them fire across the width.

Every advice I've read so far says avoid small rooms. Given my bigger room option is about 1/3 bigger bigger than the smaller room how much difference acoustically would it make given I have more freedom to modify the smaller room.

I will probably get new monitors to suit the room. I've never been all that satisfied with the HR824 I've got.

I don't need it to be really loud, just enough so I can hear the full spectrum and the groove well. I'm not overly worried about 3d stereo field since it's primarily club music.

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance.