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Cool idea for a test, but you didn't compare it to any other plugin under the same circumstances so there's no way of scientifically knowing if what you all think you're hearing here is unique to Iron or just a problem with any vst compressor using similar parameters.
I don't think it's possible to compare different plugins if they emulate different gear. It's like comparing apples and orange.

If you test different plugins with a sweep, it's clear Iron is aliasing more than most (I did a very quick non scientific test with a sine sweep feeding DMG TrackComp, Arturia's comp, other comps from PA and even the built in Live comp : Iron was the only one to show some strange stuff that I could hear).
But in normal life, I never experienced any problem, and I love the sound of Iron. Of course, after that kind of test I'll not put Iron everywhere in my mix without thinking about it.
Reason why it could be good from PA if they just recognize the problem and give us some fix.

My point here was just to show what Iron sounds like oversampled (X8) and non-oversampled, in the same exact conditions (you can even reproduce the test if you've got iron and metaplugin, because you've got the dry loop) and using a blind test to show that it's actually very difficult to tell which is which.

To me, it means there is a problem indeed but it's not a big deal.