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If you are not familiar with acoustics, it's easier to measure your room response using REW rather than calculate it, specially if you already have a defined space IMO.
Yes and no... I see what you're saying but calculating makes what you see on REW a lot better/easier to understand and process.

I see too many people endlessly moving their setup hoping to get a better result almost exclusively counting on... Luck. Random trial and error.

A lot of time wasted, and unrealistic expectations (a byproduct of the "flat line" syndrome often witnessed on forum like this one for decades) can add difficulties and a lot of frustration to the process.

If you know your parameters because you ran the basic numbers, you know whether or not you've realistically reached the potential of the current space.

From there you can better decide what the next step is.

REW is great, I use it too. But it's like flying blind if the given conditions and correlations aren't well understood. It's simply and only a (great) verification tool.
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