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Not feel like crap or feel like they must now have to chop off their damn arm and sell it or sell drugs to compete
This speaks more to the character of the listener than it does to the artist. If someone is watching a video or listening to a song and feels "less than" because a person is boasting about what they have, then that listener needs to reevaluate their priorities. Boastfulness in song is very much not only a "black' thing, it is an AFRICAN thing. In various African tribes, it was and still is common for males to boast of their wealth, physical prowess, strength, etc... in song and in dance. This is not meant to denigrate others. It is meant to be a celebration of that person, and the listener is meant to celebrate WITH the person singing and dancing. It's part of a ritual, part of courting, part of coming of age in certain tribes.
If our children are listening to modern rap and feeling like they need to sell drugs to "keep up", we are raising our children in an incorrect manner. It isn't the artist's responsibility to make sure that our kids feel good about themselves.

And this is coming from a dude who can't ****ing stand Drake