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Easily found- I got mine on Amazon.

It is probably wasteful for me to chew up 2u of rack space in a prominent position in this way but I prefer things to be neater, rather than cramming loads of gear in and have cables trailing over the desk.
I feel similarly about keeping things neat - I recently got the same desk from Buso (albeit with only 6U on top either side) and while it's a great looking desk with things positioned nicely it does not really cater to any kind of cable management. Round the back I've used a load of velcro tape stuck underneath to keep things tidy but these brush strip panels are perfect for things coming through the front.

As an aside - have you found the black surfaces resistant to scratches? Mine arrived with quite a few fine scratches here and there - not deep at all, a fingernail will not catch them and they are only visible under some lighting conditions. I dusted it down with a microfiber cloth and it left even more scratches behind which does not seem right.

I have sent some pics to Buso and they have sent me a touch up paint pen to see if it will help. If it doesn't they will send new pieces which is very good of them. I suspect that maybe something went wrong with the final finish or clear coat of the painting process but that's just a guess.