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Old 13th September 2020
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Sweet spot at 38% tolerance either way?

Hey I am just trying to work out which compromise would benefit me greater here please.

I have a new space which is 2.4m tall 3.7m wide 4.3 long.

I have my monitors (Genelec 8020c) setup 20cm away from the front wall (narrow wall 3.7m)

I have them setup so they are spaced in the middle of the room 1.25m apart and my listening position is 1.25m away to create the 60degree triangle.

This means my listening position is 1.4m away from the front wall.

According to the 38% rule I should be 1.6m away from the front wall. So the question I have is...

My Genelecs could move another 20cm away from the front wall and I move my listening position accordingly but what other issues would that introduce?

Genelec say a max of 60cm away from the wall so I would be under that threshold OR am I over thinking it and 20cm isn't that big of an issue?

OH and one final question. The height of the monitors, I have set them up so they aren't centred at 1.2m as that would be perfectly in the middle of the height of my room, is this a factor to take into account? I have centred them at 1.07m.

Thanks people.