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I've used Logic and Reaper loads and ProTools and Cubase quite a bit over the years.
- Logic kills for keyboard composition and sound content/virtual instruments and is excellent value
- Cubase is great for step input MIDI and creating "beats" and is quite expensive
- ProTools kills for audiook editing and post and is crazy expensive
- Reaper kills for music editing, mixing and plugin count and costs virtually nothing
They all pretty much do the same thing but have different strengths and weaknesses. You must find the DAW and tools that fit your workflow, aesthetic and general approach.

I find it a little childish to slate Reaper for having a simple GUI. That is really not scratching the surface of the DAW but I understand some people need to be visually gratified and that's completely understandable. However some Reaper themes look incredible but add nothing to its functionality. Reaper comes into its own when you customise it to meet your workflow needs. I can understand that many users want no part in this.

No DAW is the best fit for everybody.