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This is a tough one I think because there probably isn't one solution.

Some things will get some "transient designer" type manipulations, others just volume rides. Get the attack right where you like it is the key, then you can use volume to manipulate the rest of the sound.
Thanks John, i really appreciate you taking the time to answer this. I get the transient designer part but i'm not sure what you mean by volume rides. Are you talking about the volume enveloppe of each drum hit or something else?

The thing with the attack is: If i get it where i like it, it generally eats up a lot of headroom since i like snappy attacks and punchy drums. It's fine when i play the track loud because it's very dynamic but it's detrimental to loudness and my bus compressor and limiter end up working way too much when i'm trying to achieve, say, -9 dB LUFS. So i'm wondering how i can improve the punch and density of the drums before hitting the mix bus so that they don't eat up too much headroom but still have a great impact while staying on the clean side of things. Thanks again for your help!