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Old 12th September 2020
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Integration is flawless. Extension down to 18Hz has almost the same behavior like the Kh310 in terms of tonality and speed. The KH310 really grow so much in every aspects.

If you set the dspEQ properly the bass is so clean down to 20Hz. Also got the Kh120, Kh80 here for some testing. These two works fine with KH750 but you really miss the warm gentle mid Range from the KH310.

Kh80/kh120 with Kh750 lack a bit of mid warmth imho. Kh80 are a tad more coherent and faster transient then kh310.

But..Kh310/kh750 just sounds so natural and right in every aspect to me. Besides audible check I was often take a look at my Rme Adi 2Dac graphic analyzer, everything audible comes from kh310/kh750 coinciding exactly with the RME Analyzer.

Had also the Genelec 8831 here for some test with kh750 but find them too bright and lack in mid warmth. Same behavior like Kh80/kh120, should be the cabinet size in general.

Kh750 dsp App is a lifesaver in bad environment like mine. Its a similar solution to GLM if you can use REW with a calibrated mic. We rebuild our house and I have to work in a temporary space.

I fixed the FR with kh750, works great despites the time domain issues in this room. Attached is before/after FR, great compromise for the next month in this space.
This looks quite interesting for me as I have a very odd 36 HZ peak with a reverb time close to a second. If the KH 750 can fix this, I'm going to take one.