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No worries. My design has changed, and so has the name of the Device.
I call it a REFM (random enough for me) as it is neither a pure LFSR nor a
Turing machine.

Once my order goes in I can start building.

As I use ring oscillators rather than white noise, and I do not use XOR gates
on the shift registers it can not be called a LFSR nor a Turing machine.

I plan to run 4 separate 8 bit DAs on a 32 step shift register, so it will output
the same CV, but offset 8 steps per DA.

When it is built I will make a demo of it!

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I could imagine where someone would want 64 steps, but like butter said, that's pretty close to a step sequencer at that point. The point of a turing machine is for it to have a shortish repeating pattern that slowly mutates into something else with each loop.