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Put the new clips on their own set of tracks and "Export Selected Tracks as New Session", copying audio files. Zip it and send it.

Or better yet ask the client how they'd like it sent. This is how I'd want it if I already had the first session.
Ahhh, damn didn't think of that. Easy, makes sense, thanks Will but darn it I've already recorded 2 of the 5 and used their original tracks so I'll try duplicating both and deleting out the original takes to leave the retakes on those two.

Producer and director is Italian, I've asked him many times. He doesn't care how this is delivered, (outside of how we file transfer to his system) said as much as well but that didn't give me info I was actually looking for when I first broached the subject so thanks for this help.

I'll start new tracks for the remainder of the actors today and Monday, appreciate that heads up again, thanks Will.