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Old 10th September 2020
How to transfer an updated ADR ProTools Session

I'll bet this has been answered a few dozen times, sorry folks.

This is my first ADR job, my own studio and the client is in Italy with a film shot from there, an independent. First recordings went great but there were callbacks and I'm wondering how I update what I've transferred there to Italy with these callbacks added into the original protools session file. I've added two days worth and have a few more to go this week.

If I understand the workflow correctly, when I'm done everyone, I would highlight all the new clips and export them all to a new sound file via using the clips window and right clicking after I've highlighted everything

I'd transfer that sound file I just created and the protools session itself? Or would I just transfer the session cache file as they've got the original session and sound files, they've got everything except these call backs I've recorded into the session.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for the help.