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Old 9th September 2020
Here for the gear

Health concerns.

So this year I was diagnosed with low-grade cancer. Doctors told me this is not a high risk and should be able to be contained. Being that I still proceed with caution when it comes to my environment and what I eat etc. I have some questions about the wool/fiberglass sheets.

I am debating what is the safest way to treat my studio. I have no problem building my panels but I am trying to get some answers.

1. If I was to buy already made treatment who makes the safest panels?

2. I see Rockwool 60 and safe & sound have light amounts of formaldehyde. People have said the amount in these vs the Rockwool evo or the Knauf Insulation Earthwool is not even worth buying, can we confirm this?

3. If build these on my own wearing good protection, p100 mask etc. What is the best-proven way to wrap the wool sheets? in the past I have used a 1/2 inch cotton batter but is there some other kind of layer I can put around these to help conceal the fibers for sure? or is the cotton batter the best option?

4. What is a good safe acoustic fabric to use on the outer layer of the panels? The fabric of Maine? anything like this maybe cheaper options as well?

Thanks in advance.