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as im about to order the material for making basstraps, i would really appreciate any other suggestions
Sorry I'm late getting back to ya. Judging by your photos, I would think that the stairwell would be less of a concern than the alcove you're currently in, but you can only know for certain by measuring.

I would strongly suggest picking up a measuring mic and some stands (or better yet build them). You can make respectable improvements by setting up your monitoring/listening position properly. If you have a measurement setup you can, for instance, find out if that issue at 150 Hz is a room mode, Speaker Boundary Interferance (SBIR), or another issue. Much better than shooting in the dark. If SBIR is an issue - usually is - the smartest spot for your monitors is normally 4" from the front wall with a 4" OC703 or equivalent panel filling the gap.

Reason I suggested building stands is that you can actually build good quality stands on the cheap. Think plywood column filled with sand. Mass is important for a speaker stand, and getting your monitors off your desk brings all kinds of benefits: desk does not resonate, flexible positioning etc..

Also, a loudspeaker's acoustical axis is usually the halfway point between the center of the woofer and the tweeter.