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(Silicone is not paintable and polyurethane may degrade over time in sunlight.)
Ive never used it, but they do make 100% silicone caulking that is paintable. Here's an example

Just out of general info, Rod "never uses acoustic caulk"

What should I use to fill gap around doorframe for best isolation?

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I was referring to using the construction adhesive instead of the infamous green glue. Some kind of adhesive is needed inbetween sheathing. To stop vibrations. Then the silicone to seal the seams.
As JF said, the two are not interchangeable. And neither GG nor construction adhesive "stop vibrations".

Since the greats Eric Desart and Rod Gervias have covered the topic i will just link their thoughts.

Rod/eric desart on green glue, great read.

Rod-Adhesive is only a disadvantage

Double drywall

Rod never uses construction adhesive in his builds

Isolation: Wall structure stability

Rod green glue vs adhesive

Any Green Glue Users care to comment?

Rod don't use regular glue for drywall, glued mass acts like a single sheet, unglued layers do not.

Double drywall

Originally Posted by coreyspencer View Post
do you know what happens when you dont glue down subfloor to your floor joists? After a while you will start to get "creaky floors", as the fasteners loose grip, or material shrinks or swells. Walls or ceilings will do the same thing ESPECIALLY in a room designed to contain vibrations.

Thats if your into that kinda stuff. I personally dont beleive that glueing your sheathing together or onto studs will make all too much of a difference in the end result.
If creaks are an issue there are techniques to fix it, including headless screws, and screwing up from the underside of the sheathing. The Wyle report specifically states that adhesive on studs makes the assembly worse.

IR-811 shows floor assemblies, and tests with screws not partially unscrewed.