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It took me a while to come back and catch up on this thread lol. my bad. @ Sky I love that synth part that comes in @1:40 in your song!
And thank you everyone for the suggestions. Good listening
I certainly don't want to put down any music that brings happiness to others. Its just a question that has been on my own mind for some time. I was reading about Charlie Haden yesterday and according to his Wikipedia article at least, it is said that he "felt it was his responsibility and mission to challenge the world through music". I feel that way about all art I invest myself in. If I write words to put to song, is it good enough that they serve as highly-effective place-holders? A series of pleasant phonetics and stressed and unstressed syllables sang properly? If so, why bother? It could damn well be an instrumental without giving up anything of substance.
Just some food for thought. I'm certainly not here to provide answers. I just have a lot of questions :D