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I have had RX for years and now Spectralayers 7. I think they are very different beasts. S7 is much more for creative sound design work and RX for restoration/repair etc.
That’s what I’m sensing as well, at least from YT clips I saw before... now when the demo has been anounced, I have to test it within Nuendo 10. I had high expectations regarding SL7, because of ARA2 and eventual tight integration with Nuendo... and because Nuendo is mainly about postproduction, I believed that SL will be “that” Steinberg-kind RX tool for spectral editing. For now I’m doubt; it seems that SL is better suited for remixing abd sound design... Will see after I’ll be done with demoing. I guess, that Steinberg needs to make a clearer positioning of SL7 as a tool. For instance, I’m looking for arsenal to repair / restore some very noisy optical soundtrack from a pre-WW2 movie and I know that just denoising or declicking will be not enough and the right spectral editing tool could be paramount.