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Here for the gear

3 way as sub/ 5.1 in mobile mini rv studio. Acoustical & logistical questions!

Hey I’m hoping I’m Posting this to the right area, first time posting long time lurker. I’ll start by saying I NEVER thought I would own KRKs in my life and still am tempted to paint the yellow cones something else if I go this route. I am renovating a doyota dolphin and I have an idea for a full frequency high clarity at low volumes set up that also is close to surround sound using the four outputs from my Clarett. I want to put three v4s4s together with one three way g4 using the three way as my sub plus fourth mid range tweeter needed for a 5.1 set up, I figure even though it’s ten inch the g4 with the added EQ should make it fairly easy to control in such a small place and having three added midrange and tweeters will ensure the low kids up to the highest frequencies are all covered and able to push at similar wattage. Most people think I’m crazy, but for the first time the v4 and g4 all have matching composite material for the cones, just the g4 has a slightly larger midrange come by half an inch. I have written much more detail below talking about past setup, style of music, acoustic and studio set up and again speakers in fuller detail, so if anyone has time to address the whole situation great! Otherwise I really need to pull a trigger on purchasing these speakers, really want to try a 3-way and this is my budget and I got one cheap v4s4 for $150 already so I’m somewhat dedicated although I could probably double my money on that purchase adding it to the 900 I would spend and maybe get two used Adam 3xs and a gen sub, but I also don’t really have the time for that and might end up doing that later if I really hate this set up...

So I found a single v4s4 for $150 and I couldn’t resist. I recently sold my Adam a7x pair with a sub 10. I had hs5s before and that was all I mixed on for years so I’m used to pretty flat monitors. My sub 10 was way to much for my little room and the a7x already went down to 40 hz so I felt like it wasn’t maybe necessary but I wanted to experience a sub. I kind of regret selling my a7xs as they were so perfectly flat and great for mixing my music style which is odd for sure. I play mixes of hip-hop sort of beats, often stripped way down or much more technical mid section snare, toms, accent sounds and then guitar/ uke are my main instruments with a effects board generally mixing up surf sounds with soul, rock, punk, working towards more jazzy / sexy folksy/ hipster RnB type music once I get going with my all new pedalboard. I have a 5 string low end b string extended, a slim nylon acoustic electric, and another solid body electric uke, all three being ukulele. So I really like to start with clean vibes and then destroy it, color it, grow and dissipate the character of instruments purely with my fx pedals. I also am getting back into trumphet and need to come up with a good way to record cleanly with the brass going to pedals ideally and then monitors and I don’t want to even try to do condenser mic -> fix pedals -> Clarett usb for obvious reasons. If I don’t find a direct mic situation for that I’ll likely just keep my MXL 4000 for its ambient room recording abilities as I don’t think my AKC C214 is as suited to the situation, but it works so much better with my voice than that intimidating pill of a mic.

Anyways there was some background a could use a few light pointers above, but what I’m really here for is I have an interesting monitor set up in mind I can’t find any information on. I have a chance to get two more v4s4 from guitar center although it’s hard to confirm the photo and I think they maybe s3s in which case I may return them and buy one more s4 new if I have to. The v4s4 even was pictured as white and also came with a dented tweeter and it’s hard to say if that happened in shipping as my 5 stringer godin shifter also came with a small dent in the side and both were killer deals to the point were I didn’t mind, but felt mislead. Also curious if I buy a protection plan on the v4s used and there damaged would I get a brand new pair or would they try to fix them if anyone has experience?
So what I want to do is buy one Rokit 10” g4 three way, I had a chance to buy a g3 for really cheap, but I like the idea of every cone being Kevlar in my set up and the only mix match between the set would be the 4.5” mid driver on the 10” as opposed to the 4” on the v4s. Would I potentially be able to use that guy as my subwoofer while also obtaining essentially a surround sound amount of drivers and equivalent ratio of speakers or am I as ludacris as the few people I’ve mentioned this too seem to think I am? I’m building a studio in a Toyota dolphin and if your familiar with them they are very small, like 19 feet. I’m working a lot of acoustics into the situation and have two dedicated decent bass traps already, two other panels that say .4 at 100hz and .7 for mids and highs sound absorption ratings. I’m guessing I’ll need more bass traps over time as the fiber board I’ve been using won’t cut it. I have a lot of memory foam, but my bed space and front cab are both blocked by a very heavy and large tapestry essentially dividing my space into three parts. I am going to probably make the tapestry zippable so I can open up a crack of it and let some sound get trapped and dissipated behind my set up. I have about 8.5 x 4.5 space I’m working in but there is a lot of stuff. The couch has extra coushions making the wall right next to my set up foam, then 8” cabinets for 2.5 feet then a cheap wood closet and heater source under that with bathroom after which I’ve covered with a fiber sound dampening sheet from Home Depot ($15) as it’s sort of my secret storage and I plan to get this fake wood or brick peel and stick foam decals, but I don’t expect the foam decals to do much on there own, added to the fiber board hoping it’ll cut some frequencies fairly low, but not like a bass trap of course. Then the kitchen is in the back, unfortunately there are 8” cabinets blocking the curved ceiling back there because other than that the ceiling is basic. To the right of my speakers is my desk made of sequoia blanks 3” for the desk sections x 3 and put together with aromatic cedar 3/4 x 4”. Then there is sort of a cubby space with a flat loft for storage and emergency guest bed thing extending over the fridge space that I also took out a mini shelving thing and made a nice big cupboard out of 1.25” very nice dark walnut, very hardwood of course and that’s about 16 x 30” with slide out drawers inside made of similar wood but thinner and very thin walnut for doors. In the cubby space is where I’m building a rather fetching concept I think. I’m using a tv mount to make a moveable monitor shelving box made of poplar wood as I figure that would have good resonance for price and availability as they use them for basses sometimes. This will fill my cubby when not in use, but when pulled out there will be that dead space although it’s backed by a window that I may have to open and just let some noise out that way too. I’m going to line the wood monitor enclosure with the same fiber board in the same cubbies as the speakers, and except for the sides and bottom/top a lot of the shelving will be slate style creation which will give the whole set up some breathing room and it cut down on weight and cost, very important in an rv remodeling project. I am thinking I should also get foam monitor stands for vibrations and also being able to change directions based on where the enclosure is and where I am in my rig. So the space is tight, but I know wood can make good character/ voicing changes and also bad ones, but between quality of wood and variety of soft wood/ thick cloths / coushions/ shag carpet and some sound paneling / bass traps I’m off to a good start at least. The speakers will all be fixed in the enclosure but going to make that as flexible for positioning as I can while also keeping them tight and safe while in motion. I won’t block any cones, but I am going to add boarders to all speaker cubbies and I’ll never drive without first putting the speaker contraption back into its main cubby where it can rest on the main desktop. Forgot to mention I’m going to use my last sequoia slab as a drawbridge type desk top and monitor cover that will be about enough space to cover my row of v4s so that will be the only thing with my maschine mk3 and 32 keyboard also native lying directly in front of the three smaller speakers. Unfortunately because of the cubby size I won’t be making the unit all that big, plus speakers, interface, Mac mini and still deciding on display, but that hardware and the wood are already probably going to max my 110lbs weight limit of tv full motion stand, but I’ll add some additional ceiling roof support or maybe the pole that holds the optional diner table is directly underneath either stack something on desk for support, an whatever not important to my theory issues. Anyways that’s a chunk and a half of information, but I’m dwindling on funds from all the renovations and mechanical work for this 79’ manual transmission dolphin, which drives sooo smooth now.

I don’t want to make any mistakes on speaker purchasing and I’m just about to pull the trigger on $900 for 10” three way and 2 more v4s. I know it seems like overkill in such a small space and if I’m not even putting additional speakers behind my head what’s the point. Well it’ll make two definite stereo pair of v4 which is important to my stereo effects board, an additional v4 for added power making it so I can roll off most of the G4’s high freq work and just letting him define the bass fully and also dedicated mid range frequencies. I absolutely don’t have the budget for more high end speakers until further down the road, I could maybe sell the v4s4 for double what I got it putting me at $1200, but I’m leaving late as it is and it’s time to go like now. Like I said never thought I’d do KRKs, but I’ve heard good things about the tonality of the new full Kevlar speakers and the V series has always been more respected. Ideally I would go with Genelec although I hate there mini speakers look and a sub from them, which I absolutely love the look of those Star Wars looking futuristic, idk absolutely awesome subs! If I absolutely hate my Krk set up I’ll probably try to sell it as a whole for 1,300 or something and get Adam a3xs and a Genelec sub Sometime after the new year or if they ever send us another stimulus check, until then this is my best bet for filling full frequencies, nice clarity at low volumes and found good deals on everything except the 10” g4 which I could get an open box from GC or a demo from Sweetwater and not sure wether to do that or just $60 and not be considered with quality, although everything else is used so.... do I care? I could sell one v4 and probably afford a 6-7” sub, but I’m interested in the surround sound vibe, which I’m bassicly just going to set up two v4s as my ear triangle stereo feed and then the 10” above my head, possibly pointed at the ceiling...? Or straight out, probably not towards me directly as it’ll be not quite mid field distance... then v4 down as much as possible cause I’m hoping to fit a 22” tv in the middle or more likely just buy a 15” portable monitor to fit better and also take up into my bed space and not have to try to figure out how to ideally have a third placement that the tv mount can do and probably still have half the screen blocked. I’m nervous though that a 11” IPad Pro and a 13-15” monitor won’t be the best for production, but I guess that’s a MacBook and an additional mini project display window as well. Sorry a lot of those were indirect talking out loud type proposals, if anyone has suggestions on anything mentioned please fire away. I know most people probably didn’t make it this far, but even if you skimmed your way down to here I really appriciate it!