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My comment was general in nature, because this isn't only about this film but a general note on Nolan and mixing in general, no?

I remember being very annoyed by missing one key line in Interstellar. Later in the film I was given enough information to understand what that line was retroactively. Now, as a sound engineer I was obviously annoyed and it took me out of the film for a while. On the whole however I can't deny that the massive onslaught of sound in conjunction with space and the visuals etc was highly impressive and gave me a more visceral experience. Was that the right approach? Well I'm not sure if I would have gone that far, but I'm also not Nolan and I've directed fewer billion dollar grossing movies.

I mean, his whole point seems to be "Don't just think, sense/feel" in which case the argument "You have to always be able to hear the dialog" is out the window.

Of course if you can't enjoy the movie then it doesn't work for you. But 2001 worked and still works far less to me than Interstellar, despite being 'superior' in many ways. I just feel more emotionally engaged in the latter and the former leaves me cold. So...

Is it really this clear-cut at all times?


Has anyone here seen Tenet yet?