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Old 1st September 2020
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I think this is worth considering:

Christopher Nolan's long-time sound editor, Richard King, took to Reddit to explain the reasoning behind the director's controversial approach. "Chris is trying to create a visceral emotional experience for the audience, beyond merely an intellectual one. Like punk rock music, it's a full-body experience, and dialogue is only one facet of the sonic palette," he explained. "He wants to grab the audience by the lapels and pull them toward the screen, and not allow the watching of his films to be a passive experience. If you can, my advice would be to let go of any preconceptions of what is appropriate and right and experience the film as it is, because a lot of hard intentional thought and work has gone into the mix."
I mean, it's art, right? So it is what it is.

We're (hopefully) professionals so of course our sensibilities are a bit different than the average audience member but surely there's an ounce or more of logic to the above. Perhaps his movies simply aren't for everyone, despite being 'blockbusters'?