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Yeah you're right, primative ADC is not a huge problem but when the competition supplies that functionality plus unlimited track count (for no extra cost) for less, then logically people are going to shift.

Digidesign would have to be having a meeting right about now, discussing where they are positioned and heading in the NATIVE market in regards Logic 8 Pro coming out.

Forget HD, people always bring up HD. The fact is that LE is Digidesign's NATIVE product. In the past, I believe Digidesign wern't really serious about the native market, they just made a mock Pro Tools to try and bring people to their flagship product being HD. But this is out the window now. People in the native market don't want to and don't have to spend 20k to get results.

Therefore if Digidesign want to compete in the native market then they have to make LE a serious native player. There will always be a high studio market for HD because these people need guarenteed reliability. But native market users do not have same user requirements.
Yeah, but LE isn't Digi's "real" product. HD is. yes, LE is Digi's native product, but so what? I'm not trying to be an ass, but to assume that LE should be Digi's priority is a little ridiculous. And if we're really honest, it's only been recently with Logic/Symphony that Digi HD has really had legitimate competition in the recording/audio production arena (low/no-latency tracking, etc....). Yeah, LE is a neutered product, but are you telling me that Logic Express had the same features as Logic Pro? And yes you're exactly right about the "home" (ie. LE user) having different requirements than the "pro" user. Personally, I think the difference in the product line reflects that. Personally, I think some of the issue people have with Digi is that you've got to buy it all at once. I mean, with Logic, you can buy the software, and use it for a while, then a month later, buy an interface, then buy x,y, or z. With Digi, you sort of have to buy it all at once. You can't just buy LE (or HD for that matter) - you have to buy the hardware with it. and personally, I think when you starting adding up the costs comparable setups (both LE and HD) aren't absurdly more expensive than a comparable Logic/Nuendo/Apogee...etc, setup.

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That's true to a certain extent, but if I was in a Ferarri and Jeff Gordon was in a Hyundai I'm pretty sure he'd get smoked.
Sure - but I bet he'll still take those corners better than you.

I didn't mean to imply that the equipment is irrelevant, because the gear does matter. Rather, my point is, that the guy behind the wheel is far more important. We've all seen crappy musicians play through great gear. Now a great musician through great gear is even better - but if the guy behind the wheel isn't any good, than the gear only can do so much. It's like hearing a 192k recording of a really crappy band - yeah, the hi-res audio sounds so clear - but in this case it just means that **** has never sounded better.