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Old 31st August 2020
RMU, You and the Loudness Re-render

Anybody have any thoughts or experience on the Loudness re-render format? The manual says:

2.2 New re-render options: 7.1.4 and Loudness

The re-render output matrix includes two new layouts: 7.1.4 and Loudness. These layouts are available when you create and map a re-render while configuring the re-render output matrix. The layouts appear as options in the Layout drop-down menus in the Re-renders and Properties windows.
Use the Loudness layout (which is a 5.1 layout) for loudness measurements. For example, run the loudness re-render into the DAW if you are using an external loudness plug-in. This will be more accurate than running a standard 5.1 re-render into an external plug-in.
Is anyone doing this? If I'm delivering a 5.1, and that is going to QC, that's what I want to be metering right? What's the idea with the Loudness re-render?