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Or he just doesn't exists.... in which case I would agree with George. Not everyone is a believer (nor should they be) so let's not bring that discussion up here on this forum please.
Actually, you brought up that discussion, you could have just as easily let it go that someone else is a believer and not ashamed of it. Why is it that nobody bats an eye if someone talks about new age mysticism or yoga or Buddhism, but mention Jesus and everyone gets all politically correct and defensive? For most Christians our faith isn't something we believe but something we live. You're free to believe (or not believe) whatever you want, but you can't act offended when someone else professes their faith and expect them to keep quiet when you express your lack thereof in such a superior manner. The truth is that Jesus loves all of us regardless of our loving him in return. That, to me, is amazing.

You may now return to talking about room mics. I sometimes like to face mine away from the drums for less direct sound.