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Thank you for your swift reply. Could you tell me more about mid side EQ in mastering as its a blind spot of mine and i don't fully understand exactly when and where to use it. I also use a lot of multiband comp throughout mix stage and in mastering (normally to tame low end and high end) is this a good thing to do?


You can do alot of cool stuff with mid side EQ such as turn up highs only on side channels.

It can be used as a more surgical/transparent way to add width to tracks.

It is also a more surgical tool as it allows the engineer to work with two track master and make adjustments without affecting mono instruments in the center such as vocals as a Mastering Engineer usually have less options than a mixing engineer to affect a song.

Mastering is all about baby steps and making good calculated decisions that enhances, corrects or deemphasize without affecting integrity of mix.

Surgical EQ, multiband compressors, limiters are common tools about the same tools for any genre.

Where mixing enginners are more likely to use more coloring tools.

That said judicious use of saturation can help in some cases but usually applied in a more subtle manner.