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Old 26th August 2020
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Capturing VHS and SD sources in 2020, and outputting to them

Hi guys

What are some affordable options for capturing VHS and VHS-C these days, as well as other SD signals from old game consoles and TVs?

I'm looking for a simple setup, preferably over USB 2 or USB 3, so I can capture the above mentioned to macOS (most likely through Premiere Pro). I also need a new VHS deck—not sure where to get a decent one, which model(s) are worth the cash, or going the rates—and a VHS-C adapter.

I'm also interested in outputting a video signal to a VHS deck and other analog sources—to degrade quality—so I can then record them back into the computer so I can get real degradation instead of mucking about with plug-ins in After Effects.

I've seen some devices, like Magewell AIO (but that's a bit pricey for me at $600+ and only has input) and the cheaper Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB ($200), while affordable with good I/O options, seems to have mixed reviews that range from great to crap.

My main needs are to be able to capture the video and audio signals from these old sources using production codecs at full NTSC size (720x486). Having HD capture is a plus but not mandatory. Cheaper options, like Elgato's video capture usb device, seem to require their proprietary software and record as MP4 and lacks I/O options. I'd prefer to capture in ProRes with Linear PCM audio, hence using Premiere or something similar.

If anyone can make some suggestions, especially based on your experience, I'd appreciate it.