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Almost all custom software development companies [everywhere] are really, really, really extremely bad at it. . .even those with strong brands and great reputations. I could explain why, I think; but not in a sufficiently concise format for this forum.

Rather than looking for a company, I suggest you look for a couple or few highly experienced individuals who are currently active and skilled in your areas of primary need and well followed on GitHub for their speciality. One of these individuals should have a strong trail of writing or applying serious, modern software security components.

Unfortunately, this cuts out a lot of highly talented devs [who work on projects elsewhere]. For example, you won’t see me much there as I work almost exclusively on proprietary projects. But analyzing what is happening on GitHub is likely your safest bet to get you to a reliable pool of great devs. . .for what most software dev projects require.

Tech changes very fast, so if you are starting a new project [not a legacy app], look for developers who keep up.

Software Developer [20+ years],

Ray H.