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Yes, it has been a while since you posted in this thread.

Congrats on your "In My Room" project!

I sounds like jazz to me.

It's always okay to post an mp3, it's more about the size of the file that matters.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm always available to help our Remotester community and the Remote Possibilities... members at large.

This recording sounds like a great start! All the best to your future endeavors.

Originally Posted by shimoyjk View Post
it's been a while that I post here,

finally my music called "in my room" is out!

I'm not sure if I'll call this as jazz or categorize as jazz... anyway wanted to try something different than I've been doing,

so here is the result!

i'm not sure if it's okay to post mp3 here, so I'm just leave a link to bandcamp site.

or you can find music on apple music or spotify I believe,

just type in "kyumin shim"

or "in my room"

everything is recorded in my room and processed, mixed and mastered by Eivind Opvsik from Brooklyn.

I learend a lot from this, especially thanks to Remoteness and others that have been generous and share their ideas, advices..

hope I can record better next time.

oh, and will post some music that my recording practice session.. called few students to come here and play for me.
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