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For a room with that many anomalies, I think your best bet is to turn to Room EQ Wizard (REW), and try different orientations. You probably have a measuring mic from your Sonarworks package - if not the umik-1 is a great option.

If possible, pull the couch and desk out of the room and try to find the best position against each viable wall, taking separate measurements for each monitor to ensure you have stereo symmetry. I would guess that the righthand and bottom walls are the top contenders. You can follow these guidelines to narrow down the positions to try:
- monitor acoustical axis @ ~48” height
- 30-35 deg ideal, 45 deg max monitor angle
- monitor NOT directly in line with room corner
- listener at 33-43 % room length
- monitors aimed at point 12”-18” behind listener

There are some good tips here for finding the best placement. You can use the RTA mode in REW instead of the other software he mentions. Speaker placement methods