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Odd shaped room -Any advice is welcome

hey all this is my first post,hope you treat me well

So this is the room i currently have my setup and you will notice 3
problems,perhaps 4 if you account for the dimensions,280 cm width,360 cm length,240 cm height:

1st problem and i think the biggest one is the stair on my back wall

2nd problem is the corner on the front wall left side

and 3rd problem the peak at around 150 hz

The panels are 60cm x 120 cm,5 cm deep open back with another 3 cm air gap behind them,the materials used are a combination of polypropylene fiber panel (34kg/m3)
and recycled soundproofing foam (90kg/m3)

The 1st measurement was with the speakers around 5-10 cm farther from the front wall
and the second with them as close to the front wall as i could get them.

Now,i do plan on getting more soundproofing but that is a bit later,
what i would like to ask for now is about my setup placement,should i move
to the long wall on my right but having that stair on my front right corner
or should i stick to where i am now
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