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Hi akebrake, thank you for your answer!
You're welcome!

But surprisingly, in this room it did work quite well until down to around 70Hz in terms of reverberation time. I also hope that the performance will increase when I unpack the delivery packages.
I guess: ”the performance will increase” means a flatter FR?
Just by adding more chunks in the corners? That’s wishful thinking unfortunately...

By "repacking" one can get more bang for the bucks (re Topt at least).
The fluffy must be contained still. With plastic or other methods.

A lot more than corners are needed especially with your massive boundaries.
The Early reflections (SBIR) are strong and large untreated areas will interfere destructively with the direct sound.

Try improving the Spkr / Listener position.

Measuring dozens of sweps while moving mic and spkr a few cm (in between measurements) is interesting but can be quite tedious...

A much quicker method is using REW RTA together with REW Pink PN (Periodic Noice) No sweep, and watch the result in Real Time!
In the low end you’ll get very similar results. (Steady state measurement)
Example here from my TV room.
Pic 1 RTA window and REW Gen: Note RTA & Gen set/up parameters.
Pic 2 Pink PN & Sweep overlaid.

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