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Old 21st August 2020
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Hey, Was just wondering what your mastering chain looks like on a trap or drill instrumental. Would like to know what LUFS you guys are kicking out and anything i could be missing out on my mastering process thank you
The mastering chain for any genre, including trap would be what ever is needed to make the song sound its best on all sound systems.

The mastering chain is not genre dependent, you just use what ever is needed for that specific song. In the past 26 years, i never used a certain mastering chain for different genres, it doesn't work like that.

This is how you determine what is needed for your song in the mastering stage:
1.) You first listen to the entire song in a tuned environment
2.) Then you determine what is needed for that specific mix to make it sound its best on every sound system it is played on.
It may need an EQ, compressor and limiter or it may need an EQ, compressor, mid and side EQ and Limiter or it may need an EQ and limiter or just some mid and side EQ and limiter or another 100,000,000 combinations.

As far as LUFS, -11 to -9 LUFS is a good place to be at. Some like it at -8 LUFS, It all depends on how much dynamics you want to keep and its also a balancing act between loudness and keeping the dynamics intact