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this is more or less how zimmers crew set up cubase. and they employ someone to keep these features standardised across systems, setup and populate any additions across all of the teams touchscreens. so citing zimmer is irrelevant unless the given user gets their nose to this particular grindstone and does the dirty work themselves. like this guy has.

you can also setup this level of control in Reaper, though it’s a little different. I know because I have done. Reaper isn’t a sample editor of any real kind. it references Audio as items. this likely provides Reaper with a particular type of efficiency in terms of assets. as media being referenced merely as items. it’s pretty much totally non destructive as a consequence. in order to edit Audio, you assign one or two external editors. even its spectral editing is non destructive. if you render in those edits, it’s usually to a new file. some of the window focusing and key commands can feel clunky, but generally if you double click the key command / action, you can set its scope to a global scope. in which case, you probably don't want any other action with the same key bind, in any other window with a different scope.