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Here for the gear

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Yes, that's fine! The first set of measurements contains 3 sweeps. One speaker on floor in the corner & Mic diagonally close to the ceiling?
Empty room? Corner traps? Cloud? Can you elaborate?
Hi akebrake, thank you for your answer!

Sorry, I just realized that I didn't translate the german text into english. The first set of measurements is (1) "ohne Deckenabsorber" = without ceiling absorber, (2) "mit Deckenabsorber" = with ceiling absorber, (3) "Diagonal durch den Raum" = diagonally across the room.

When I measured diagonally across the room wasn't fully empty (Two Shelfes and a couch on the long wall), but there was no absorption installed anywhere in the room. The diagonal Measurement was with the Speaker on the floor of the front-left Corner and the microphone in the back-right corner close to the ceiling.

Measurements (1) and (2) were with traps in all four corners, like on the image you can see in my first post.

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You need a lot more (large area & deep) in order to control frequencies under 100 Hz.

I guess Sonorock comes quite compressed in the delivery package.
How much area/weight is one package? GFR?
I guess you have a point there, porous absorbers aren't the best solution for low frequencies as far as I know. But surprisingly, in this room it did work quite well until down to around 70Hz in terms of reverberation time. I also hope that the performance will increase when I unpack the delivery packages.

One Package of Sonorock is round about 100x62,5x48cm, it contains 3,75 square meters of 80mm thick absorption. It has around 6 kPa.s/m2. Unfortunately I can't find the weight/m3.

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you can test Opus idea of floor/wall and wall/ceiling trapping.
Yeah that's a good idea! I will put trapping there and do some more measurements next.

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You can see in the new measurements that dip between 69hz-74hz is moving which is SBIR( also when you look at excess Group delay/minimum phase it shows the deep null in all of them). The only way to correct is to treat all the boundaries that are affecting it( sometimes this means you have to treat all of them except the ceiling).
Hi thethrillfactor, thank you for your advice! I will treat all the boundaries this weekend and then provide more measurements.

Thanks guys!