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after the song went to Tape (2 inch) it was mixed back through the analog console to make the final master. the final mix went to Digital 2 track (DAT)

perhaps budget studios used Mackies and portastudios, but not a studio that had a Neve console. Neves are the rolls royce of audio.

cassettes were only used to make budget copies of the mix, to give to people to take home and listen. back then most studios could not burn CDs. that came later, so cassette was the easy option.

i never ever remember anyone in a real studio using cassette as a tracking format.

we did have those nakamichi cassette decks, which were theoretically the best, and later moved to the tascams.

the Low Fi sound that people like from the era is more related to the early 12 bitt samplers than anything else. those old Akai s-900s and 950s were grainy and noisy, so all that went to tape and ended up in the final mix.

also some pro studios had 2 inch machines with 18,000 hours on the heads, and often when the heads are worn the hi frequency goes away, especially if the technicians had not done a tape alignment for a few months. things get out of wack and the 2 inch can sound more low Fi.

if a good engineer takes a 2 inch to another studio and if the calibration is out, he will hear it in the Repro and ask for an alignment. most of is used to record 30 seconds of tones at 100hz, 1000hz and either 10 or 15k at the beginning of the Real, in case we needed a quick calibration.

ha ha. lots of information here. hope it helps your quest for knowledge.

Man, thanks again for all the info. That clears up some things.

I thought about getting that SP950 plugin that came out not too long ago (emulates SP1200 + S950 combo) to get that 12 bit vibe. Altho I'm content with the grit that my 2000XL has despite being 16 bit.

From the answers I gathered that the tape & console emus aren't important but imo they do give a really nice sounding result.
It may have been a PITA to use back then but with the emus I'm not complaining .