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Old 18th August 2020
Lives for gear

I'd settle for a nice dock that:

a) Works with both lightning or USB-C iPads
b) Comes with a shallow low-profile right-angle lightning connector
c) Has 4 USB3-A ports
d) Has 2 USB3-C ports
e) Has HDMI/displayport output
f) Has an RJ45 LAN port
g) Can be externally powered and powers the iPad though the primary connection
h) Has a built-in multi-card reader
i) Has lightning pass-through
j) Has RCA R/L audio, TOSLINK audio port
k) dedicated headphone/microphone jacks
l) Has a firewire-400 and firewire-800 port

This is not asking a lot IMO. Look up any "laptop dock" and most of the above are common features. The rat's nest of ugly that I have to cobble together to actually use my iPad for any practical application is what prevents me from actually using it.