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Here for the gear

My original mistake (which paused me for a few months), was using a single power supply. I finally read "...most op amps like a (dual?) power supply...".
So I am using a +/- 9V power supply, even though all the CVs I'm using are (theoretically) positive. I guess, even if I use a 'Non-Inverting Amplifier' circuit, internally the signal must need negative voltages.

Does that make sense?

Aside from a back-to-back pair of 9V batteries, my power supply is a pair of back-to-back DC wall warts (not too close to 9V). I use 3 conductor PWM cables (black/red/white(yellow)) for convenient power cables.

I think I have used a single PS with a 741, but probably had a voltage divider for the 'ground'. (Not sure if that's legal.)