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Hi Schlorian!

-Measured the room modes diagonally across the room
Yes, that's fine! The first set of measurements contains 3 sweeps. One speaker on floor in the corner & Mic diagonally close to the ceiling?
Empty room? Corner traps? Cloud? Can you elaborate?

-then I tried to get the bass range under control with porous absorbers. To do this I stacked Sonorock packages in the corners and made measurements with REW in different setups.
You need a lot more (large area & deep) in order to control frequencies under 100 Hz.

I guess Sonorock comes quite compressed in the delivery package.
How much area/weight is one package? GFR?

While convenient for testing (using delivered units) one can improve the bass absorption by open up the packages and re pack (less dense) in plastic bags.
That way y can get more traps

It's difficult to evaluate the result when one moves a couple of traps from one room position to another. Everything counts as sound is bouncing around at 343m/s...

IMHO It's better to measure, then add traps and measure again and watch what happens.
E.g you can test Opus idea of floor/wall and wall/ceiling trapping.