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Exactly this was my first thought. What's if I got a real serious license issue due to the fact they rely on that iLok system. This paired with a mediocre support mentality... Doesn't give one a good feeling. I spent so much money over the last month for Softube and I am registered there since years... Hmmm. They made a hilarious decision or mistake imo, when the new amps came out and only two days later they offered the bundle. 3 for two. I already spent the money on the single amps two days ago and that *strategy*, not offering the bundles the same day is like pulling customers legs. I still call it a mistake, not a real strategy. So I wrote them about that fact and waited 3 weeks for the first reminder and 3 further weeks for the second reminder. I'm a patient person in general, but having no answer - with a blown up softtube account - is not a nice thing to be confronted with. Especially not when working in customers business for myself for over 30 years now. I'm purely disappointed. Maybe they have too much to do and can't cope. Maybe there are Corona based problems. Giving customers no reaction is a no go imh.

What would you do in such a case? Thanks