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So it's more of a rompler? That's what I was thinking it was. Not an inherently bad thing since I do love me some Kork M1, but I could probably find preset packs for Diva/Repro/Obsession/other analog emulations that have the same sounds of this style right?
The advantage is a ready made product,
saves a lot of sweat to get a vsti there.
(A "real" vsti and presets is a good alternative, one can study them and start to create one`s own ).

The issue I have is to not make a distinction between a vsti and a rompler.

Seems to be trendy these days especially at genres like hiphop, trap etc.
But at least most, not all developers declare the goods,
what it is and what can be done with it plus the prices are set properly.

On this product I have the impression it blurs the boundaries intentionally
along with marketing skills.

Developers, be more transparent with your products
and don`t let users run into false assumptions!

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