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And do you experince any latency or is it in your situation only to play music?
I am mostly monitoring directly from my 8pre-es and my music is generated by a combination of my playing a synth or midi sequences. My DAW runs in a pretty fast PC and sequenced MidI comes out through An RME pcie interface.

I run my DAW at 32 samples so I am getting pretty low latency.

I don’t really perceive any latency when i play or in the sequencing. I record in a different place than my DAW, either another DAW or a digital recorder. I don’t monitor through the recording device,so what I hear is from the monitor, and i simply trust that what is recorded is pretty close to what I hear. Which is true, since it’s all digital. If the monitored mix sounds good, the recording will.

I am not good at this engineering stuff, I just cobbled it together, like buying wine, spend as much as I can afford and trial and errors.