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@ boombapdame Those are all really good points. It's probably also worth thinking about that a nonwhite kid from a low-income community who was born with zero advantages under the American system finding fame and wealth... flaunting it could be seen as a sign of well-earned pride and self-respect. "I came from nothing and now I have a Bentley, what do you have to say about it." People from more privileged backgrounds, like me, might see that as tacky, and that right there is a sign of privilege. It's damn hard for anyone from a poor community in America to get out of it. Our system is broken as far as social mobility is concerned, especially for kids who aren't white.

I agree boombapdame!

and @ Progger Yea man drake is just really really good on his delivery which I think comes from being an actor but still something is missing. Overall I think the country in itself is just falling apart. I always said America is like a game of monopoly. We are in the end game of it.