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In my quest of the best reverbs in the box I bought plenty of plugins that brings me to the conclusion that LiquidSonics are for the moment the best reverbs I've ever used. That being said, all this is so subjective and vary from one person to another. I own R2 & R4 as well as PhoenixVerb: great reverbs indeed. LX480 sounds nothing like the original ! (I used to own the hardware Lexicon 480).
The last Liquidsonic Cinematic Room covers a variety of settings that can easily mimic lots of hardware algos.try it by yourself.

You really think this sounds NOTHING like it, like zero percent of it? Wow, sounds pretty darn close to me, a couple of the samples I prefered it over the hardware. It sounds like the qaulity is right there with it. The differences I hear seem like mostly just settings not being exact.