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Hip Hop @ sammmoxo will never be bereft of the Blacks and Latinos whom the music/culture was/is for but here's the thing, White (and/or Jewish, two different races) people have been A&R, label execs, etc. since the beginning but there is a diff between the Dante Ross and Faith Newman and Wendy Day (she is responsible for Cash Money's legendary deal and is "one of the good ones" follow her on IG at thisiswendyday and her husband Tony Guidry at iamthaconnect on IG) types and the suburban people of the current era whose only interaction w/Black people is meme/Internet culture.
Facts! The formula still works homie. People will ALWAYS want to hear great music and a great song and are still hungry for real hip hop. Great artist and writers are out there, I feel the underlined line of what you said is the major factor. They gotta go ASAP! and they def shouldn't be A&R's!