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How @ sammmoxo old are you? I'm late 30s and honestly what Drake is doing is no different than 99% of what males are/have been expected to rap about since Hip Hop's genesis. Fat Joe is entitled to his opinion but it's not like his kids are bumping his classic ****. Drake is only comparable to MJ in that like MJ there isn't a person alive who doesn't know who Drake is. That's where the MJ comparison ends IMO. I ain't on the same page as these drug addled, special ed (not the "I Got It Made" one) rappers.

As long as there is a concerted effort to not allow artists to mature artistically, spiritually, etc. expect nothing more from today's "crappers," "talk-singers," etc. I keep saying that "It is generational gapped and divided and its anti-educational posturing limits cultural discussion and cannot totally serve Black folks. This dysfunction is tied to age-specific experience and expression. Because Hip Hop situates itself exclusively as a youth-identity rhetorical form, it will remain in arrested development artistically and will fail to provide an outlook which will serve the problems of the Black community. And it must then remain subservient to commercial market forces."
I agree 100% but I do believe change can be made.

This is the issue homie. The people in charge of this **** are not black and not about the culture. They are mostly white suburban men or women who don't have a clue. Check out "Trippe Redd" and "6ix9ine's" A&R and manager. --->

what would she know about hip hop? now tell me how the hell this girl got a spot like that.....^^^ and she is the mind behind this bs we are hearing and two of the biggest trollers on IG! Also she is the girl behind iann dior too. It's obvious she isn't looking for real emcees because she doesn't know what a real one sounds like. She is looking for trolls like the clowns she found because SHE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HIP HOP!

It's time for a complete industry overhaul. The real mfs have to step up and bond together and get these ppl the hell out of the industry. Blackball, blacklist all silly ass trolls who do nothing for the culture.

There was a study in 2019 and it showed the newer generation actually likes older music better. It’s just that we are forced feed bs by these wack ass A&R's and gate keepers! They control the money, and they have the money to fund their vision and pay for the mass promo etc...

Drake is not an artist. He is literally manufactured. He is from Toronto, yet he makes Jamaican songs, UK drill rap, latin music.... like wtf?!

What bothers me is he acts and brands himself as if he created all of those cultures and waves by himself and he is all alone of this ****. Like take em or pac, they were on the grind and came from the mud to get their spot. Em He had help to produce the beat from dre etc but what he is spitting in all his lyrics is him 1000% and no one can take that from him. Drake copies cultures and takes these waves he finds and gets 40 and his camp to make it pop then he gets his team to pay for the best most expensive video done by mr x the director and get that other arab dude to promo and market it.
Take care was him but this new **** I hear from him sounds like a actor just stealing waves singing on a sony c800g. No effort into what he is writing or anything. He just knows it will sound good and get played everywhere because he has the money to do so.

He should market himself as a corporation. He is not an artist. Dude is literally just the face of a gentrified master plan that is it!

Hip hop is dead it's time to build a new genre! This is WACK!